If you live in Conway, this image brings a word to mind…roundabout. And you either love it or hate it.  Rarely is there an in between.

As you let the word roundabout and its experiences roll over in your mind, maybe you start to feel your blood pressure and heart rate rise. I’ll admit; I’ve been on the extremes with my attempts to navigate a roundabout.  I’ve rolled my eyes at people who are hesitant, slow and confused.  In the middle of the circle? For crying out loud!  I’ve also been that person who quickly jumps into the circle because I know I can outrace the person next in line.  Only to learn, all too quickly, that I chose the wrong lane.  So I switch direction, right in the middle of the circling. (Oops, sorry, not sorry).

As I mentally defend my actions I think “surely they know I have somewhere I need to be?!” Must. Keep. Moving. Toward the goal, the prize, the completion of the task.  And then, I hear The voice.  The immovable, directional voice that is a mental street sign compelling me to yield.

Pause. Take time out. Invite Me into your circle.  You don’t have to stop and rearrange your destination.  Just pause for a time and let Me in. Slow down.  Receive grace.  Offer forgiveness.  THIS is the offer. It only takes a moment.

We tend to view life, dreams and goals in a straight line. Achieve this, accomplish that or climb the ladder one straight-lined step at a time. Never look back.  And yet, life isn’t experienced in a straight line. It always circles back around. Always.

Our typical reaction is to resist. We’ve been here, dealt with that.  Conquered it and divorced ourselves from the past. Moved on.  But here we are circling back around, unable to move in a nice, straight line.

The beauty in circling back around is that it offers us perspective. When we come back around, we have the chance to see that our perspective has changed.  We can see our ability to navigate has grown and become quite natural and peaceful.  Or maybe the circling reveals how tightly we’re holding on to what really hasn’t served us well at all.  We’re doing the same things we always have, expecting life to be different, yet here we are again.

We get the chance to let go and try navigating again, in a new way. Life can be uncertain. Dizzying as it circles in a roundabout kind of way.

Yield. Invite Him in. Reflect. Try new things.  It only takes a moment, but can make all the difference in the destination.