Laura Dickinson

Laura-Dickinson, Counselor

Laura Dickinson, LAC

Hello! I am glad you have come for a visit. Let me tell you a little about myself. I love people, dogs, coffee and adventure. Ha! They seem to fill my cup and keep me going. Cappuccinos, cute dogs and fun adventures are the easier parts of my life; relationships and circumstances outside of my control can be much harder. I am not a stranger to the power and beauty of relationships.They can bring the biggest joy or the deepest sorrow. I’ve experienced both. I fight for healthy relationships and perspective just like you.

I am often asked “how can I be the healthiest version of myself.” This is a great question! I think it takes incredible introspection to answer. For many of us the work of “being healthy” could be looked at as the work of healing. Healing often starts by leaning into your personal journey or difficult circumstance and sharing it with someone else. This is not always easy. I can offer support, encouragement, and a safe place for this adventure to begin. I believe support is the path to healing and isolation is the opposite. You are not alone!

I live in Conway, Arkansas. When I am not at the counseling office, you can find me drinking coffee and planning an epic adventure to the lake, mountains, or ocean.