Approach To Therapy

piecing it all together

Life can be a rewarding and joyful adventure.  But, we all have times when we feel stuck, disappointed, or challenged. The resulting effects can range widely from feeling frustrated or angry, to feeling numb or paralyzed.  Often, we may experience self criticism, restlessness, lack of sleep, inability to relax, lack of motivation and energy.  Eventually, we may become depressed and withdrawn, or reactive and anxious.

Approach To Therapy

Your life is a sacred journey and we believe it is an honor to come alongside you as a counselor.  We can help you recognize patterns in your life, and clarify what’s going on to help you discover how to put the puzzle pieces in place.  Together, we will uncover your strengths and find the power to live healthier spiritually, emotionally, and physically.

Counseling and psychotherapy sessions are about an hour in length. The number of sessions needed varies widely from client to client.  Often this is dependent on your specific needs and circumstances.  Factors such as current symptoms, goals of the client and length of time living with the struggle, can also play a strong role.